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Our extensive experience in the hospitality and catering industry will go a long way towards making your special event a success. We have a range of catering options from sit down meals suitable for formal black tie events through to a more relaxed atmosphere of lamb on the spit for your family and other celebrations or anything in between including tasty finger snacks and savouries for conferences, seminars and office cocktail parties.

Our unique flexible menus will enable you to make your get together anything you want it to be. Top quality Karoo Iamb and side dishes are hygienically prepared by our top chefs in our registered commercial kitchens.

We have recently opened our Capetown kitchen and can now service any venue in Capetown and the Cape Peninsula, as well as Johannesburg and Gauteng.


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Phone Chris - 082 959 5881,
Phone Office - 011 453 1348
E-Mail - robby@netactive.co.za


Phone David - 083-448-2223
E-Mail - dave@bayleyscatering.co.za

Please note

A transport charge of R200.00 for delivery in and around Johannesburg and Cape Town will be charged and will be adjusted for other areas depending upon the distance and the number of guests. It would be appreciated if your guests could adhere roughly to the scheduled time of eating as booked by yourself for food hygiene and quality purposes.

Prices include cutlery and crockery (Johannesburg and Pretoria areas) all buffet equipment and trained professional chefs and clearing staff depending upon your number of guests

Prices, terms and conditions may differ slightly at our Cape town branch. Ask for a quote.

Should you require Halaal meat please let us know – an extra charge may apply

The minimum number of guests is 30 for all menus (except for the bulk menu option 5 and the VIP special option 6)


Here are a few menu ideas – should you wish to book with us or get a quotation please fill in the form AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE and press the submit button or email/phone us directly

STARTERS - If required see option 7


Chef carving lamb on the spit

Chef serving

Lamb on the spit

Vegetables ready to serve

Buffet dishes for serving

Desserts ready for serving

Salads etc

Hot dishes ready for serving

Option 1

Whole lamb on the spit with basting

(Fresh mint sauce and homemade peri peri)
Spit grilled chicken (a portion per person)
Fresh vegetable lasagne
Greek salad and dressing
Mielies in melted butter
Creamed spinach, pumpkin
Roasted new baby potatoes tossed in butter, garlic and parsley
Pap and chakalaka OR Savoury rice (please choose one)
Garlic bread
Price per person R135.00

Option 2

Traditional sosatie spit of de-boned lamb, and sirloin of beef

Spit braai chicken (a portion per person)
Cauliflower, broccoli and pea cheesy bake
Mielies in melted butter
Roasted new baby potatoes tossed in butter, garlic and parsley
Pap and chakalaka or savoury rice – (please choose one)
Tossed green salad with cheesy croutons
Sweet and sour 4 bean salad
Peach and sultana slaw
Garlic bread
Price per person R140.00

Option 3

Budget Spit Braai

De-boned lamb and sirloin of beef
(The above can be substituted to a whole lamb)
Spit braai chicken (a portion per person)
Roasted new baby potatoes tossed in butter, garlic and parsley
Greek salad and dressing
Garlic bread
Price per person R125.00

Option 4

Traditional SA Open Charcoal Braai

we supply the braai and charcoal
Relax while our chefs prepare your choice of:
Prime rump/sirloin steaks, gold medal beef boerewors, marinated chicken


Lamb braai chops, lemon and herb kebabs, gold medal beef boerewors

Your choice of the above comes with the following
Creamy sliced potato bake
Pap and chakalaka
Green salad, dressing and carrot and pineapple salad
Buttered rolls and garlic bread
Price per person R135

Option 5

Bulk Catering Special

This option is for bulk economical catering
minimum 75 guests to a maximum of 2000 guests.
Two items per person
Beef prego steaks and marinated chicken prego


150g beef Stetson burgers and chicken schnitzel with cheese sauce

The above comes with:
Buttered rolls
Pap and chakalaka
Roasted new baby potatoes
Green salad, dressing and coleslaw
Price per person R80.00


For only an additional R15.00 per person add any two of the following
Seasonal fruit salad, Ice cream, Crème caramel, Grandmas’ apple crumble Onderstepoorts’ famous Malva pudding and custard, Baby chocolate eclairs, Award winning fruit trifle, Old fashioned bread and butter pudding, Banana Chantilly trifle, Home made chocolate mousse

(Dessert bowls and spoons are provided)

Option 6

Special VIP menu

suitable for weddings, anniversaries, corporate client and other important events

Whole Lamb on the spit
Spit braai chicken (a portion per person)


Socatie spit of deboned and sirloin of beef

Included is:
Spit braai chicken (a portion per person)
Fresh vegetable lasagne

The above comes with:
Potatoes Dauphine - a delicious creamy potato bake

Savoury rice
Baked butternut and creamed spinach

  • Greek salad with cheesy croutons,
  • peach and sultana slaw,
  • couscous with grilled baby marrow, roasted peppers, feta and herbs
  • Waldorf salad (apple, celery and walnuts with home made mayonnaise)

  • Fruit trifle,
  • homemade chocolate mousse,
  • cinnamon milk tart,
  • seasonal fruit salad and ice cream
  • baby chocolate eclairs
Price per person R180.00

Option 7


  • Grilled mini beef boerewors with a barbeque dip – R15.00 per person
  • Olive bread and pita with hummus, olive tapenade and smoked snoek pate – R22.00 per person
  • Sausage rolls and cheese and tomato quiche - R18.00 per person
  • Biltong and droewors platter – R25.00 per person
  • Crumbed cheese and japelino bites with bite size corn samosas – R20.00 per person
  • Spinach and feta quiche and spicy meat balls - R18.00 per person
  • A fine array of South African cheeses served with olive bread and biscuits - R25.00 per person
  • Haloumi, courgette, mushroom and red pepper kebabs and spicy chicken kebabs R25.00 per person
  • Rolled smoked salmon on a bed of mixed lettuce with bean sprouts, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds with a mizo dressing. R40.00 per person
  • Smoked chicken, spinach, Blaukranz, Rosa tomato, walnut and crouton salad with creamy dressing. R45.00 per person
  • Parmesan and crouton salad with tomato, red onion, butter lettuce and avocado (in season) with a light Caesar dressing. R40.00 per person
Option 8

Chafing Dish Set Menus

Delivered to your home or office in chafing dishes on a drop off and pick up basis

Creamy sliced lamb with croutons

Potato bake
Peas, patty pans and baby carrots
Greek salad and dressing
Garlic bread
Price per person R120.00

Grilled rump sirloin steak in delicious gravy

Baked potato wedges
Creamed spinach
Green salad and carrot and pineapple salad
Buttered rolls
Price per person R115.00

Beef lasagne and delicious vegetable bryani

Green salad and dressing
Garlic bread and mini rolls
Price per person R90.00

Creamy baked chicken and Vegetable risotto

New baby potatoes
Greek salad and dressing
Buttered rolls
Price per person R95.00


Decide which braai or menu option you would like, select it BY CLICKING the appropriate option on the form below, (you can also select a starter if you wish) and then PRESS THE “SUBMIT” BUTTON at the bottom which will allow us to send you a formal quote

In order for us to send you a formal quotation please ensure that your contact details are filled in on the form above and then press the submit button at the end of the form

When you choose to work with a winner, you reap the benefits of experienced professionals who have many years of leadership in the event and food industry.

Our company mantra is simple "Going beyond your expectations" and this is what we strive to do, whether it be a simple executive lunch for 15 or a spit braai for 1000, we are an excellent ally to have.

We provide the following in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Capetown.

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